It’s Still Complicated Prologue

Its still complicated png cover (right)

06 January 2015

It was a rainy day wrapped with such dense fog that if one stepped outside, his one hand could hardly see the other. At 2 pm in the afternoon, my Phone rang and I kept my laptop aside, removed my quilt and left my warm and cozy bed even though I was feeling terribly cold. I was quite worried and wondering to check out if she was calling me, but to my despair, it was some writer on the other side seeking time to take down my story, a true love story which I always wanted to write on my own. “Sir, are you listening to me??  I am Kanika… I am a writer by profession and I could help you out if you agree… Sir…”

I disconnected the call with tears rolling down my cheeks…


Kya khata thi hamari jo hum akele reh gae

Tere diye hue har gum, hum haske seh gae…

Socha nahi tha kabhi ki tujhe chahenge is kadar

Tu aage nikal gai aur hum wahin reh gae…


What was my mistake that I am left alone?

Smilingly I suffer all the pain rendered by you

I never thought that I would love you so much

You walked away and I was left then and there.

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