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Committed to write the Reality.

It's Still Complicated

A true love story that touched millions of hearts.

Romantic Horror Fiction

An upcoming Romantic Horror Fiction book (Scheduled release 2018).

It's Still Complicated (Part 2)

Part 2 of the book 'It's Still Complicated' (Scheduled release 2019).

About Me

About Me

They call me a Crazy Romantic Author and yes, they are true. I love writing and coffee is the antidote to my stress. I love challenges and writing on different genres is a challenge for me.

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Being an Entrepreneur is what I love.
Damick Publications
Damick Publications
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    July 01, 2017 the day when GST rolled out and all the major online selling platforms have already introduced this new taxation system in their work structure. I was still wondering what the heck it was because, unlike others I hated this taxation system and the mathematical calculations. After thinking a lot for the wholeRead more about Home[…]

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