About The Author

Chandra Kant Jaisansaria is the bestselling author of the novel ‘I Miss You Love’. After having spent most of his life in Sardar Shahar, a small town in Rajasthan, CK is currently based in Delhi. To add on to his professional career, he holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management, Post Graduate Degree in Management and Certificate in Planning and Entrepreneurship from IIPM (Delhi). He is the founder of a publishing venture called Damick Publications, which is established to provide a platform to the debut authors. According to him, a business is a cocktail, the more flavours an individual adds to the business the more it flourishes. Be it his gym workout or his office working hours, he is always 100% charged to take up any challenge.

The best way to contact CK is through his official fan page on Facebook @ ckbansal23, his Twitter handle @ckbansal23 or Instagram @ ckbansal23. You can also write to him at ckbansal@live.com