I Miss You Love Prologue

You often travel through various paths of life.

You leave your footprints on few, while few paths come along you.

You try to make the journey memorable to store it safely into the rack of your heart.

But you can’t help when that journey brings you the memories that take the form of

unbearable pain.

No matter how hard you try to forget such memories, but at the end you have to live with them.

My name is Samaira Bansal and I’m going to share my journey with you.

The journey of my life to death and survival,

the journey where I found a part of me but lost another. 

It was the phase that shattered me, broke me into pieces, and I don’t know how it’s the only

source of my strength that I am here telling it to you

2 thoughts on “I Miss You Love Prologue

  1. The Prologue is very nice and it sounds very interesting. Romantic horror is quite an unknown genre to me and may be for others also. Looking forward to reading it soon.

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